Baby Casting


Hi! My name is Jo and you just landed on my website! If you are confused about which one is me, I am the one on the right side and my sister is on the left 😉

We are two happy mums matching in so many ways, because we have two three-old boys and two one-year old girls. My son is Theo, the blonde photogenic baby leaning on my shoulder and my sister’s son is Thomas, the smiling dark-haired baby very curious about the camera.

                                        Besides being a mum, I am also a midwife student and an entrepreneur. I am running a baby casting business in Gosport, Hampshire and I enjoy doing this a lot! I do exquisitely detailed 3D casts that are made from a mould of your child’s hands and feet. They are hand painted and mounted in beautiful wooden box frames.

There is much I can tell you about my business, but I will let you discover yourself…

Business Idea

How did I get inspired of starting this business? Well... I had some baby castings done by somebody else for my Theo. I still have them at home on my wall and I think it comes a time for every parent when they forget their baby was so small. In fact, this is the reason why it is called Frozen in Time, because you can keep this moment forever..

Baby Castings

Quotes are available for siblings and family casts. Choice of frames, mounts and cast colour.

20% discount during January and February months!

Photography Vouchers from The Goodwin Studio

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TEL: 02392520252 15 Northcross St, Gosport, Hampshire PO12 1BE